Wet Spray

Our Expertise

Semper Quality Industries provides full-service wet-spray painting of metal and plastic components to meet the needs of your manufacturing operation. We can accommodate flexible lot sizes and virtually any product size. If you need a unique finish, we can do that too. Please contact us for a free quote.

  • High quality preparation
  • Consistent spray coverage
  • Color matching
  • Light assembly
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Quality control
Spray painting, painting service, custom finishing
Custom spray paint, industrial painting service
Spray painting, custom paint, painting service

When to Use Wet Spray Finishes

Wet spray finishes are typically more economical for finishing small jobs that require a thin coat, good finish, and fast turnaround, or for products that cannot be heated.

Use a wet spray finish in a wide range of colors when appearance and cost are more important than durability. Semper offers both wet spray and powder coat finishes, so we can objectively review the advantages and disadvantages for your application – call us!

Cleaning and Prep

Proper preparation is critical to success and we have a 3-stage washer, steam cleaner, and provide paint stripping, sand blasting, and glass beading as necessary.

Color Matching

We provide accurate color matching to any RAL or SW number and also provide custom color scanning match services.

Download RAL Color Chart
Download Fed. Std. 595 Color Chart