Services & Equipment


Semper Quality Industries is the only high-quality painting operation in Northeast Ohio that has full-service production of powder coating, wet spray, lubrication coating, and mil-spec coatings in-house. We have both high-production operations for small to mid-sized components and we have large-scale operations for large products.

Our commitment to quality starts with excellent product preparation and ends with a high quality finish that will last. Our turnkey service provides everything you need for prep, paint and package.

Turnkey Solutions

Lubrication Coatings

Lubrication coatings are required for many performance products. Typically these are dry film lubricants when applied are .0002" to .0005" in thickness. Two classes of lubricant are typically used for high performance applications. These include: graphite based films as well as molybdenum disulfides. In addition to performing under high loads (50,000 psi or more), these lubricants also provide corrosion properties within a wide range of temperatures.


Electrical coatings are available for EMI shielding, anti-static protection and surface grounding. EMI shielding coatings are available in nickel, copper, silver and other materials designed to protect the performance of electronic components inside an enclosure by shielding them from a wide range of radio frequency (RF) waves. Semper offers many solutions for medical, military, telecommunications, automotive and electrical applications.

Ceramic Coatings

Many ceramic coatings assist in the design of protecting steel and stainless steel engine parts for high temperature applications. Typically black or silver coatings are applied and resist temperatures to 1850 degrees without discoloration. These metallic ceramic coatings maintain excellent adhesion properties through repeated thermal cycling. Engine part applications include: exhaust systems, headers, side pipes and heat shields.

Sand Blasting & High Temperature Paint Removal

Often metal parts require removal of previous coatings and corrosion before new coatings are applied. Semper offers both sandblasting and high temperature burn-off for coating removal needs. These services are especially useful for automotive restoration projects. We can accommodate the metal preparation and coating of the most demanding restoration needs.

Labeling & Silk Screening

Many coated products require brand identification, part number or bar coding for inventory purposes. Both labels and ink stenciling are used for these purposes. Although powder coating and spray painted surfaces are quite durable, it is critical that any product markings or label adhesive be compatible with the coatings for chemical interaction and durability. Ask us about this service as part of your next part coating request.

Assembly & Packaging

When requirements include assembly and packaging, Semper Quality is there to assist. Our assembly capabilities include: sheet metal, electromechnical or other kitting requirements. If packaging for display or shipment is required, please contact us more information.

ISO 9001:2015

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. View Certificate


We are committed to environmental sustainability and reclaim and recycle our materials.

Equipment List

  • 12,000 sq. feet of modern manufacturing space
  • 3-Stage aqueous washer to clean, phosphate and seal
  • Aqueous pressure/steam cleaner
  • Automotive spray booth
  • Reclaim powder booth
  • Auxillary booth
  • Liquid and powder conveyorized production line with dry off and bake oven for part profiles of 32" wide x 70" high x 48" length and weights up to 150 lbs.
  • Large liquid coating and powder coating capability for parts weighing up to 5,000 lbs. and profiles of 8’ wide x 10’ high x 16’ length
  • Large batch oven
  • Sandblast and glassbead cabinets
  • Coating thickness and adhesion testing