Powder Coating

Our Expertise

Semper Quality Industries has been serving commercial and industrial customers in Northeast Ohio for more than 30 years with high quality powder coatings and exceptional customer service. We have a high-efficiency conveyor production line for painting products up to 32” wide x 48” long x 70” high and up to 150 pounds. We also have a large bay area for parts up to 8’ wide x 16’ long x 10’ high and 5000 pounds.

  • Stripping, beading and blasting
  • Metal and plastic coatings
  • Unique finishes available
  • Light assembly
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Quality control
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When to Use Powder Coat Finishes

Powder Coating provides a high quality, durable finish in a wide range of colors and textures. It offers a more durable finish than traditional liquid coatings, and is more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, UV light, and extreme weather conditions. Use Powder Coating when you need a tough, rugged finish that looks great and lasts a long time.

Finish Options

There are several coating finish options available when specifying powder coating. A product designer may have several colors in mind for a new product. Dependent upon intent, finishes are often chosen to bring focus on the product for sheen or eye appeal or mask the product material's texture or imperfections.

Most often finishes begin with specifying the amount of gloss that is desired. Basic gloss levels include: matte, satin and full gloss.

Texture Options

Textures offer contrast to many products for a 3D appearance and are particularly useful for masking surface imperfections. The visual depth often adds a perceived appearance of beauty and expense. There are numerous textures available among powder coating manufacturers. The more common textures include: sand, hammer, wrinkle and flake. Coupled with the amount of gloss mentioned earlier and the surface finishes are endless.

In some instance, texturing is designated to also achieve surface durability and resistance to scratching. Powder coating with texture is a standard for most manufactured products whereby constant surface contact or rubbing will be typical or where other devices or utensils may contact each other.

Powder coatings are also resistant to most common cleaning products and possess the ability to maintain a high-quality product appearance even when subject to repetitive cleaning cycles.

Large Vein

Small Vein

Note: Textures are available in multiple colors.

How Powder Coating Works

  1. Powder coatings are polymer based resins that are combined with curatives, pigments, leveling agents and flow modifiers ground into a fine dry powder.
  2. The powder coating is sprayed onto pre-cleaned metal (or plastic) products via a process called Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD).
  3. A special spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder, which is then attracted to the electrically grounded part.
  4. Once the parts are thoroughly covered with the powder coat material, they are cured in an oven where heat causes a chemical reaction that flows and bonds the material to the substrate.
  5. Powder coated parts are cycled through an oven at approximately 400°F for 10 to 15 minutes for full cure.

Cleaning and Prep

Proper preparation is critical to success and we have a 3-stage washer, steam cleaner, and provide paint stripping, sand blasting, and glass beading as necessary.

Color Matching

We provide accurate color matching to any RAL or SW number and also provide custom color scanning match services.

Download RAL Color Chart
Download Fed. Std. 595 Color Chart